About Us

Naratik is an Indonesian technology startup engaged in the batik industry that combines local wisdom with artificial intelligence technology

Why Are We Here?

Naratik is here to be a friend to batik artisans, MSMEs, and the batik home industry. Have a dream to prosper the batik craftsmen in Indonesia and continue to contribute to creating a better batik industry ecosystem to lift the economy and preserve the cultural heritage of batik.

Our Vision

To be a leading and trustworthy platform for batik industry that combines local wisdom with technology to connect, integrate, and give beneficial value between Community, Company, Customer, and Country.

Our Mission

  1. Establish cooperative relationships with MSMEs and the home industries of batik in Indonesia.
  2. Develop digital ecosystem that is beneficial to improve the batik industry through wholesale deals, retail shopping, and business partnerships.

Our Journey

12 Apr
Bangkit Capstone Project

Through the Bangkit 2021 program, we had the opportunity to develop a project that could solve real problems in Indonesia. Starting from planning, then continued with project development. During the capstone project, we were also accompanied by industry mentors from Tokopedia.

26 Jun
Best 15 Project Out of 300 Team

After the MVP project is finished, we design a business proposal and a pitch deck to pitch in front of panelists who are experts in business, academics, Machine Learning, Android, and Cloud Computing. In the end, we were selected as one of the 15 best projects in the Bangkit 2021 program.

15 Jul
Get Funding of 10.000 USD

As a form of support from Google in collaboration with the Bangkit 2021 program and DIKTI, we received funding of 10,000 USD to continue the development of Naratik to have a real impact on the community.

5 Aug
Startup Incubation

In the implementation and development of Naratik, we were given a very comprehensive infrastructure by Bangkit 2021 through this incubation program supervised directly by Google and the Ministry of Education and Culture. This is our first step towards something bigger. We will continue to walk towards our dreams, and it will never stop.

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